How to Choose Your Best Wedding Venue? Tips from an Event Planner

How to Choose Your Best Wedding Venue? Tips from an Event Planner

Before tying a knot or getting tied, take a piece of advice from experts. WeSeven Seas Hotel enters into the great adventure to provide professional tips and advice to the family and the couples in choosing the right venue for the big fat wedding.
We know you have dreamed a lot of your dream wedding in a palace-like or heaven like venues. Even, you might plan for the arrangements, food menus, guest lists and so on, because your day is around the corner.
Before planning everything, make sure the halls and wedding venues are available before 6 months and book it ASAP the date has confirmed.
Before booking it, have a look at the below checklist to knowledge yourself that your wedding venue has all the facilities.

Your Preference

Some couples like to get married in a simple way. Some need it in a grand way. As well as many people opt out for indoor weddings.
Some exotic hearts want the adventure to fulfill their dreams. So they used to choose outdoor such as a private island, open beaches, mountain tops, open space restaurant or palace. What is your preference though?


Your wedding hall should not be space-constrained or very empty. Calculate how many guests you will be going to invite and how many people would have come. Book the place according to your guest list.

Rooms Availability

Before booking asks the managers that they have enough room to give accommodation to the guests who are on the VIP list. Proper AC, washroom facilities, parking lots are very important to notice.

Easy to Access

Transit is one of the main reasons guests are easy to annoy with. Even the bride and groom’s family members will be annoyed if the venue is located in the middle of nowhere. Easy to access for local guests should be one of the considered parameters.

Packages and Cancellation Policy

Without proper food, beverages, alcohol, DJ, marriage would be nothing. Ask your hall manager on those items that are available in a single package or have to bring them all your own. One more important thing is the cancellation.
Anything can happen at any time. Your money is hard-earned. Don’t let others spend on it when your part is zero on the money. Talk and know more about the canceling party before you book the venue.

Additional Things to Consider

1. Remember your budget and plan according to it
2. Please arrange a marriage planner to hassle-free planning
3. Keep alternative solutions on the mind always.
4. Estimate how much you could spend on each part of the marriage
5. Check the reviews of your wedding hall. It will help you a lot
Options are always there. So don’t waste your time or stick with only one venue at a time. Check the price details, accommodation, restrictions, transit, catering service, special offers with other venues too, so that you can decide which one is the best for you.

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